The Wig Station Recycling Program

The Wig Station will recycle your human or synthetic wig, hairpiece and extensions. If you no longer need your wig or hairpiece or you don’t think it can cost-effectively be revived by one of our Beauty Technicians, the Wig Station will accept it and give you credit for a maximum of $5 off your next service.

Restoration and Donation

A Beauty Technician may try to revive a wig or hairpiece given to us for recycling. If the hair can be restored, the wig or hairpiece will be donated to a local organization to get these reconditioned pieces into the hands of people who can not afford their own.

Recently, The Wig Station has been able to give wigs and hairpieces to Rose Haven Women’s Shelter, Compass Oncology and the PDX Q Center. Each reconditioned wig and hairpiece is gifted with new packaging, care instructions and a new wig cap (wigs only).


If the wig or hairpiece cannot be revived, the Wig Station ships the hair collection to TerraCycle, a recycling company that is able to compost the human hair in gardens and farms. The synthetic hair is recycled into plastic polymers.

Please join us – donate or recycle rather than tossing into the trash.


Interested in donating? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you with packaging and shipping details.