Wig Cleaning in Portland

Our Wig Cleaning Services are an important first step in properly maintaining your wig or hairpiece to ensure its long life. Washing a wig or hairpiece requires a specific method and special attention for proper care. At The Wig Station, your Beauty Technician will pay close attention to direction of water flow, temperature levels and application of products to protect your wig from hair inversion, shape loss and matting. Choose the wash that best fits your needs from one of our four Wig Washes.
Only minimal styling is included with our Wig Cleaning Services. If you are looking for a more finished look, check out our Styling Services.  A free Signature Wig Wash is included with all of our Styles.

If you have questions about which wash is right for you, start a Conversation with the Station with one of our Beauty Technicians.

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