Fill It Up Service for wigs and hairpieces

FILL IT UP  $75 +

Our Fill It Up Service will add hair to the bald or thinning spots in your wig or topper. Wigs and toppers will start to shed over time. Even with the best care, the knots of a hand-tied piece may loosen and fall out. The stitching of the wefts may start to disintegrate or break. Perhaps, you would just like more density or a bit of length added. Your Beauty Technician will work with you to come up with the best solution on how to fill up your piece with more hair.

Hair is sold separately, can be harvested from the piece or supplied by the client.

The price listed for this service is for the labor cost of ventilating or sewing in wefts.

Ventilating    –   $75 per half dollar size measurement

Weft Installation – $15 per half length   $25 per full length


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